Photo: A group of Karen teenagers, all of whom were resettled from Thailand to Buffalo as refugees, spend the summer working at Five Loaves Farm on Buffalo’s West Side. // Aug. 1, 2019


Hanukkah is a busy week for Wyoming’s only rabbi // All Things Considered // Dec. 6, 2021

Amish Cheese Maker Moves To Online Sales — Without The Internet // Coronavirus Live Blog // April 22, 2020

KHOL/Jackson Hole Community Radio:

Community radio station in Jackson, WY (News Director – Jan. 2021-Present)

‘This is about kids’ lives.’ Jackson students protest gun violence after Uvalde shooting // June 10, 2022 // Rebroadcast on NPR affiliate Wyoming Public Radio

Healing Outdoors // Facets: Voices of the Mountain Life (Podcast episode) // April 29, 2022

Meet Sam, Connor, Hunter and Gavin, some of the students at Red Top Meadows, a residential treatment center near Wilson that serves Wyoming boys aged 12-17 who have gotten in trouble with the law or are having behavioral issues at school. Red Top is unique in Wyoming because it incorporates wilderness therapy into its program. In this episode, KHOL’s Kyle Mackie shadows the boys on a fall trail maintenance project and listens while they share their stories of growth and healing outdoors.

Making Jackson Home // Facets: Voices of the Mountain Life (Podcast episode) // May 27, 2022

Four days a week, Roney de la Cruz drives a bus of mostly Latino students to a bilingual pre-school. His route represents how a wave of immigration, primarily from Mexico, has transformed the workforce, schools and broader community of Jackson Hole since the mid-1990s. In this episode, KHOL’s Kyle Mackie digs into the local history of immigration and shares stories of how Latino immigrants and first-generation residents are putting down roots and making Jackson home.

Teton Valley Olympian Jaelin Kauf Talks Winter Games and Advice for Young Athletes // April 13, 2022

Effort to Diversify National Park Service Hosts Orientation at Grand Teton // April 1, 2022 // Rebroadcast on NPR affiliate Wyoming Public Radio

The U.S. wants more clean energy projects on public lands. One Wyoming wind farm shows it’s not that easy. // Nov. 23, 2021

Some Mountain Towns are Eyeing Vancouver-style Vacancy Taxes. Could it Help Address Housing Crises? // Sept. 21, 2021

No Lunch Breaks but Plenty of Ski Laps: Retired-Age Targheezers Weather the Pandemic and ‘Keep Moving’ // April 8, 2021

I also host and produce the weekly podcast and radio show Jackson Unpacked.

WBFO/Buffalo Toronto Public Media:

NPR member station in Buffalo, NY (Reporter – June 2019-Dec. 2020)

Health care, racism and TikTok: Young voters speak out on what’s pushing them to the polls // Nov. 2, 2020

The Toll: COVID-19 through the eyes of one Black family of survivors // Sept. 24, 2020 // Part of a special species I pitched, project managed, edited and produced on the impact of COVID-19 in Western New York

Amherst high school planned to cancel a class on race. These students weren’t having it. // July 6, 2020

Facial recognition in Lockport schools: ‘Best technology in the world’ or ‘not proven to work?’ // June 24, 2020 // Also filed several NPR Newscast spots on this technology

Buffalo residents on police violence: ‘I’ve been slammed on my face by police for no reason.’ // June 8, 2020

‘Your story is in the textbooks. Ours isn’t.’ Buffalo schools adopt The 1619 Project // Jan. 17, 2020

‘Left in the dark:’ High school seniors talk online learning, stress, and yes – prom // April 24, 2020

Buffalo Public Schools grapple with city’s digital divide: ‘It’s just a big equity issue.’ // April 7, 2020

Canada’s COVID-19 response vs. the U.S.: Testing, universal health care and maybe a little luck // March 13, 2020

Buffalo Public Schools failed to spend full grant to support Native American students // Nov. 26, 2019

Jewish day schools are “closing by the day.” How did Buffalo manage to save one? // Oct. 23, 2019

These Karen refugees no longer have to farm to survive. Now, they’re farming as a summer job. // Aug. 26, 2019

WNYC/New York Public Radio:

Selected interviews produced while interning at “Midday on WNYC,” now “ALL OF IT with Alison Stewart”

From Rwanda to Human Rights Advocate, A Genocide Survivor Tells Her Story // Hosted by DW Gibson // April 25, 2018

Debut Novel Celebrates Feminism and Art in 1950s Iran // Hosted by Alison Stewart // April 19, 2018

Samantha Irby Gets ‘Meaty’ on Love, Race, and Health // Hosted by Cindy Rodriguez // April 12, 2018

Masha Gessen on How Putin is Erasing Russia’s Gulag History // Hosted by Hari Kondabolu // March 29, 2018

Jane Mayer Reexamines the Man Behind the Steele Dossier // Hosted by Kai Wright // March 14, 2018


“It’s a Kind of Killing:” Afghan Refugees in Shadow of the EU Fear They’re Forgotten

Dec. 2017 // Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY // Part of international reporting capstone

Hungary’s southern border with Serbia was one of the frontlines of the European migration crisis at its height in 2015. Images of refugees trying to squeeze through a razor wire fence struck at the core values of the European Union, like respect for human rights.

The Western Balkans land route is now effectively closed but thousands of migrants are still stranded in the region. Kyle Mackie visited a center housing migrants in southwest Serbia, where she found mounting frustration among Afghans who say they’re left in limbo while the EU gives preference to Syrians and Iraqis.